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10k - $45 before June 1, $55 after

3k - $20 before June 1, $25 after

All proceeds donated to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin


Further Details


Volunteer parking is available at the race start. Contact your team coordinator for more information. Racer parking is very limited and on a first come, first served basis at the Vilas park shelter; we recommend car pooling, cycling or public transport if possible. There is street parking available around the Vilas neighborhood, within a 5-10 minute walk from the start line.

Race Day Info

Strollers are welcome! Please be respectful of other runners and start towards the back of the pack if you are going to be pushing a stroller. Unless you are Paula Radcliffe, in which case you are welcome to a medal right now and we will all finish behind you in admiration. The 10k is completely paved. The 3K has a few meters that are on a dirt/grass running path without gravel or pavement, it's flat and easily negotiable with strollers when it's dry out, but if it's wet this may be muddy so be prepared to get a little dirty and hose down the stroller afterwards. 

There is no official bag check, we recommend leaving valuables at home or in your locked vehicle. If you have medications you anticipate possibly needing (albuterol, insulin, etc) you are welcome to bring these with a label on them including your name, DOB, dosing, etc. and check them with one of the physicians, PAs or RNs at the medical tent at the start/finish line. We are being graciously staffed by the emergency medicine crew from St Mary's ER, but they would not like to actually go into work on race day, so come prepared if you know you may need a little extra help. 


No pooches allowed, city policy. No iguanas or cats on leashes or any other craziness for that matter. 

Weather Policy

The city and the UW arboretum both have strict weather policies for outdoor events. IF there is lightening within 30 minutes of the start of the race, we will call a weather delay for 30 minutes to let it pass. IF the lightening continues, it is the race directors discretion whether the course is safe to wait another 30 minutes based on radar, or to cancel. We want to run, too! But participant safety is our #1 priority. We will update the race website, FB and send a mass email/ text message to registered racers the morning of the race if there is any question at all. 

Cancellation Policy

Run For Our Rights, Inc. reserves the right to cancel the race at any point for any reason and without race entry fee refunds. We are primarily here to have fun and race awareness and proceeds for a great cause, however if we have any concern about the safety of racers or volunteers because of weather, protestors or any other reason, we reserve the right to cancel the race and request that all racers exit the course in search of the safest source of shelter immediately. In the very rare event that this should be warranted, you will see volunteers on course re-directing you to exit the race field for your own safety and we expect 100% co-operation. No questions asked. 

Refund Policy

No refunds will be given. Any forfeited fees will be donated to Planned Parenthood of WI. 

Political Activities

PP of WI is, for better or worse, a hot button issue with deep political connotations at the local, state and federal level. We understand feelings run high on all sides of the issue. We anticipate the possibility of protestors who do not agree with our stance. We have hired extra police to provide law enforcement presence for the event. We expect all participants to carry themselves with integrity and respect. If you should encounter unsolicited opinions during the event, we encourage you to pass by quietly, to avoid engagement and carry on. When they go low, WE GO HIGH. 



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